Winter-proof Your Skin

Do you get chapped lips, flaky, dry skin during the winter?

Winter has a noticeable effect on our skin often leaving it dry, patchy. The wind and cold air take their toll. Plus indoor heating and being more sedentary have negative side effects. Winter conditions may make our skin look up to 5 years older.

Use the following skin-saving tips to help keep your skin radiant in the depths of a dark winter.


  • Add a few drops of a rich base oil like avocado or coconut oil to your favorite moisturizer
  • Apply a facial mask with avocado or aloe vera
  • Exfoliate your skin less often – may unnecessarily dry skin out more
  • Try the NYR White Tea Enriching Mask


  • Apply cream or lotion immediately after bathing while your damp skin – to lock in moisture
  • Keep showers and baths short
  • Lower the temperature from hot to warm
  • Pat your skin dry, avoid rubbing it – may reduce dryness
  • Try the NYR Wild Rose Body Elixir

Water intake:

  • Keep hydrated – reduces toxins and your kidneys work smoothly
  • Reduce dehydrating drinks – caffeine and alcohol


  • A healthy circulation is reflected in your skin
  • Use a sauna, if you can. Your skin will sweat out more toxins.

Healthy diet:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – high in water content
  • Essential fatty acids may support the skin’s barrier function – consider salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna, sardines and herring
  • Add hempseed or avocado oils to your steamed vegetables, soups or smoothies instead of butter or margarine.

Change the atmosphere:

  • Use a humidifier to offset the very dry indoor air
  • Use a facial spritzer or mist
  • Try the NYR Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist


  • Wear gloves when you go outside
  • Apply a moisturizer each time after you wash your hands
  • Try the NYR Hand Cream Collection


  • Apply a lip balm regularly with vegetable oils and waxes or Vaseline
  • Try the NYR Frankincense Eye and Lip Serum

Last, but not least – your feet:

  • Apply Vaseline at night and wear socks to bed
  • Try the NYR Comfrey & Mallow Foot Balm

28 November, 2013 , By Pat Thomas
NYR Natural News

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