Another great insert from my “Xs and Os of Sun Awareness and Sun Protection” guidebook.


(Full Court Press)

To have an aggressive defense implement full court press (sunscreen) to your entire body. Don’t miss the tips of your ears (under your basket). Apply pressure in the middle of your body. And keep at least one defender under your opponent’s basket. Sunscreen is your press application. A few key X’s include:


What does it mean?

SPF or Sun Protecting Factor, is an indicator for protection from Ultra Violet or UVB ONLY. For years I was under the impression that you only need look at the SPF number on a bottle for sun protection. However, SPF does not protect against UVA.

Being an esthetician, I evaluate the skin of many clients and they have freckles, fine lines, loss of collagen and elastin. These types of skin damage are cumulative. We are not as aware that exposure to UVA rays cause aging skin conditions. No press was used!

The following percentages list the SPF level of UVB protection only: 3

  • SPF 15 – 93%
  • SPF 20 – 95%
  • SPF 25 – 96%
  • SPF 30 – 97%
  • SPF 50 – 98%

Basic sunscreen information

The basic design of a full court press is preventing the ball from being thrown in bounds. One defender (usually one of the tallest) attempts to block the vision of the offensive player throwing in the ball. The other 4 defenders either play man to man or zone defense in the back court and mid-court.

SPF 30 is most recommended by dermatologists. Using an SPF 50 provides only one more percentage of protection. It is more important to apply the correct amount (dime for face and shot glass for entire body) and to reapply every 2 hours. Press, press, press.

The FDA updated the labeling regulations of sunscreen products in 2011. It is in a voluntary phase to allow companies to adjust their SPF labeling. The highest sunscreen will be labeled SPF 50+. SPF 55 and above at some point will be phased out.

I have three different types of SPF 30—regular sunscreen, BB cream and loose powder. I use the loose powder when I walk between 6:30 and 9:00 am. If I will be running or biking in the afternoon, I use the sunscreen or BB cream. I always apply my sunscreen before going out. I reapply at least every 2 hours. I don’t get sunburned any more. I use a full court press.

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