I am proud to be an independent consultant for NYR Organics, especially knowing their products and facilities are EARTH friendly.

NYR Organics and I are supporting Earth Day by having organic skincare products with organic ingredients in blue bottles available to you.


NYR Organics uses organic ingredients – the way they are grown reduces environmental pollution and puts green back into the soil.

Organic ingredients also contain more beneficial antioxidants, so they are good news for you and the planet.


NYR Organics was founded in England in 1981, and they are still there. They design, test and manufacture all our own products at our eco-headquarters and physic gardens in Dorset, UK.  It’s also home to their own team of experts, who create award-winning products in our state-of-the-art labs.

Grown Your Own

They do. They know the origins of all our herbs and ingredients. We grow as many as we can in our gardens in Peacemarsh, Dorset, UK and at Sheepdrove Organic Farm on the Lambourn Downs in Berkshire, UK.

You don’t need much space – a window box makes a green herb garden.

Greener by design

Their eco-factory uses solar panels on the roof, clay flooring, and high-level windows to keep cool, and uses rainwater in the restrooms. They even compost the kitchen waste, which is mostly organic, of course.

NYR Organics blue bottles are green

Their iconic blue jars are made in England -reducing our carbon footprint. They are 100% recyclable and come in just a few sizes-making production more energy efficient, too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

They have followed this mantra for years. Everything that can be recyclable is.


NYR Organics is the first UK main street retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral.

Choosing local, seasonal and organic foods is one of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.


APRIL 22, 2016


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